About Us

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been celebrating our agricultural roots and bringing friends and family together.

The Two Hills Agricultural Society was formed in 1972 when the provincial government offered funding to small communities to upgrade their facilities – provided those facilities were used to enhance agriculture. The other condition was that government funding had to be matched by the community either in money or in volunteer hours.

The residents of Two Hills decided to pursue this opportunity and The Two Hills Agricultural Society was born.

The first project the Society decided to undertake was the installation of artificial ice in the arena. The new Society had no money at this time, so it had to rely on volunteers to “pay” their share of the funding. Every evening, townspeople gathered and worked well into the night. Each hour was recorded and by the time the project was completed, the necessary “funding” required by the government was met. The arena had a fresh sheet of ice all year ‘round, and a community had come together to accomplish a very large project.

The Two Hills Agricultural Society began to look for other ways to contribute in their close-knit town.

A commitment to community

Over the course of many years, events and activities by the Two Hills Agricultural Society would bring community neighbours together, create childhood memories, and improve the quality of life for the residents of Two Hills and the surrounding area.

After the arena project, the Society decided to host a bench show to showcase local handicrafts, vegetables, food, clothing, flowers, grains and grasses.

The bench show ran for three years at which time the Society decided to expand the event to include a horse show. Organizers encouraged young members from the local 4-H Horse Clubs to participate. This not only drew people from outside of the community but also provided a valuable learning experience for young entrants.

Today, the long list of events hosted by the Two Hills Agricultural Society attracts crowds from all across Alberta, and includes not only a bench show and a horse show, but also:

In addition, the Society offers scholarships to help Two Hills graduates realize their dreams.

Furthering an interest in sports

The Two Hills Agricultural Society also works with the Sports Activities Council (SAC) to ensure the town’s recreational facilities are well maintained and managed. These include the Two Hills Recreation Centre and the Two Hills Centennial Arena.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Two Hills Agricultural Society is part of the fabric that weaves the community of Two Hills together. The efforts of the Society have helped to create a vibrant social element that invites people from near and far to “come out and play.”

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Edited – December 28, 2016