As per the Two Hills & District Agricultural Society board, the Bull-a-Rama will be postponed in 2017 but will resume in 2018.

30 Rank Bulls meet 30 Cowboys.

Can you handle it?

What’s a Bull-A-Rama you ask?

A Bull-A-Rama is another word for a Bull Riding.

Bull Riding is one of the major events that you would see in a Rodeo, but this is the only event that is preformed at a Bull-A-Rama. This is when a cowboy tries to ride a 1,600 lbs bull for 8 seconds. Two judges come up with a score for the cowboy based on if the cowboy makes the 8 second ride, how well the cowboy rides, and how well the bull bucks.

When you come to The Two Hills Agricultural Society’s Bull-A-Rama, you will be able to watch 30 top cowboys from the World Professional Bull Riders ride, 30 top bulls from Stock Contractor Trach Rodeo Ltd. There is a lot of action at the Bull-A-Rama, there will be thrills, spills and plenty of two stepping to follow after the Bull-A-Rama! Hope to see you there!

updated December 28, 2016